AM Care Service, Jhumat House 160 Barking Road, London, IG11 8BB

Registered Manager

Full Time
Salary: £28,000.00 – £40,000.00 /year

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for an experienced Registered Manager to join a highly reputable and established Domiciliary Care Company.

To lead a committed and motivated team in delivering an efficient, high quality, cost effective, person centred services in line with CQC Fundamental Standards and regulatory requirements.

You will lead your team to empower Service users to live independently and making it a great place to work for colleagues. You are required to be dedicated to work within your nominated service(s). There may be occasional where you might be required to support other registered locations in the future within an agreed area of your initial office location.


  • Hold Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care or hold an equivalent qualification.
  • Have a good understanding of relevant regulatory policies and procedures, including fundamental standard regulations. (Ref: Skills for Care)
  • Experience of partnership working with strong interagency links / liaison e.g. health and social care.
  • Experience of embedding a culture of strong communication and reflective practice. Leading, encouraging and deliver an open, fair, transparent, supporting and challenging culture at all levels.
  • Experience of leadership, management and governance of a team, assuring the delivery of high-quality, person-centred care, supports learning and innovation, and promoting an open and fair culture.

Duties and Key Responsibilities

  • You will ensure the competence of your team through a process of observation and assessment.
  • The ability to recruit and select high quality and capable colleagues to perform front line management and customer-facing roles in line with Regulation 19: Fit and Proper Persons
  • The ability to set colleagues up for success in their roles by assuming responsibility for their effective induction meeting Care Certificate Standards for knowledge and competence and encouraging / monitoring completion of this within probationary review period
  • An ability to communicate – effectively – key activities and messages to the team on a regular basis so they are informed and aware of the wider business priorities
  • An ability to prioritise activities and allocate tasks to the team to ensure that work is undertaken in an effective, safe and professional manner
  • Experience of working in line with health and safety regulations, processes and procedures.
  • Working knowledge and practical application of the relevant policies and processes which inform safe / effective practice for colleagues and with service users
  • Ability to deal with sensitive, confidential or complex information / issues in an appropriately professional manner
  • Ability to make decisions relating to resourcing / staffing needs in line with Regulation 18: Staffing, ensuring service standards are maintained and costs remain within budget
  • Competent user of Word, Outlook and Excel and relevant people, performance, contract and financial management systems
  • Proactive approach to resolving operational and people-related problems, taking ownership and accountability for doing so.
  • Experience of working with stakeholders and commissioners in the quality assured delivery of services including evaluating and monitoring service outcomes and goals in line with contract requirements
  • Strong numerical skills with the ability to analyse and interpret numerical data including budgets, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) etc.
  • Experience of conducting appropriate investigations into misconduct or other people related issues with objectivity and focus
  • Experience of undertaking service improvement activities in response to audits, validations and inspections In addition, we would expect the Registered Manager to demonstrate the following within their Service delivery;
  • Allocates resources according to customer needs and contract requirements to ensure the delivery of high-quality services evidenced by customer satisfaction and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Participate in an on-call system where appropriate Communications & working relationships Internal:
  • Support service colleagues (Finance, Policy, HRD etc) regarding application of relevant operational and people processes and policies External: ·
  • Service users, their families and other people involved in their care, the CQC and local authorities.
  • Partner agencies and providers (housing, health and social care professionals, benefits, welfare and advocacy agencies)
  • Commissioners and regulators as appropriate according to service / customer groups. MDT teams including doctors and district nurses Scope for impact Colleagues
  • Promotes a positive working environment and contributes to making Respect Care a great place to work as evidenced by colleague engagement and satisfaction. ·
  • Supports customer facing colleagues and front-line managers in their work Conducts quality conversations with team members to identify development needs, carries out pre-learning and post learning discussions to encourage effective transferring of learning (knowledge and skills) to the workplace
  • Creates a culture which engages and motivates colleagues to be the best they can be accessing appropriate means for achieving this.
  • Observes their teams’ performance and interactions with service users to ensure practice is in line with requirements and professional standards, providing real time feedback and support as appropriate Service Users
  • Provides specialist support and advice to team members on appropriate interventions to enable service users to achieve their outcomes.
  • Advances customer involvement practices by engaging and consulting with service users regarding service delivery plans and solutions
  • Monitors the quality of link working, support planning and risk assessment to ensure all service users receive consistent and appropriate levels of support aligned to customer aspirations, regulatory compliance, contract requirements, commissioner expectations.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of new and emerging practices in customer-centred / personalised services and the courage to explore and implement these
  • Maintains confidentiality of records and comply with data protection requirements regarding personal data of colleagues and service users alike.
  • Prepares clear and accurate reports for more senior managers relating to contracts, staffing, budgets, customer move on, arrears, voids etc. for inclusion in relevant KPI reports for key service users and stakeholders.
  • Ensure team members maintain accurate and up to date records for service users and the service as a whole.
  • Ensures the service delivers high quality and effective services within budget and quality standards by regularly auditing service records, producing action plans and taking the appropriate actions.
  • Continually reviews the quality of service provided by the team and identifies opportunities to improve service delivery as evidenced by operational measures of success including customer satisfaction, internal audits and CQC inspections ·Effectively markets the services, their achievements and results in order to demonstrate how service users’ needs are met.
  • Provides effective assistance in contract monitoring, demonstrating strong understanding of the contract compliance requirements and performance against these.
  • Manages budgets effectively in all aspects of the budget / financial cycle from setting, reviewing and monitoring these.


  • Attractive Salary Package and Bonuses
  • Continues Professional Development
  • Work from home opportunities.
  • Company pension
  • Company car, laptop and phone

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There may be many reasons why you are looking at care options. You may be looking for yourself or on behalf of a friend or relative, because a little support is needed with those tasks, which are becoming more difficult or because of restricted mobility through illness or accident. Whatever the reason, we aim to provide a quality service to all our service users.

All of our staff are trained above the minimum standards, and are ‘police (DBS) and reference checked’.

If you fund your care from your own resources or receive assistance in the form of a Direct Payment, Individual Budget (IB) or Self-Directed Support (SDS) we can help you.

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