Make A Referral

Make A Referral

There are 3 easy ways to make a referral:

  • Adults aged 18-65
  • Male or Female
  • Mental Health (Primary Diagnosis)
  • Additional Complex needs
  • (e.g. Forensic history
  • (inc. s.37/41), Dual Diagnosis, Borderline LD, etc)

Key features of assessment process

  • An assessment can be completed within a week if needed
  • Comprehensive set of notes to be provided to cover psychiatric, forensic (if applicable), risk and personal history as well as other specialist reports (e.g. Psychology, OT, Nursing, etc)
  • Always a minimum of 2 people involved (inc. management)
  • Initial Face to face assessment with prospective service user in their own environment
  • Discussion with Ward Manager and/or named nurse (if from hospital)
  • Discussion with Social Worker
  • Discussion with family members (if appropriate)
  • Visit to potential project (inc. 2nd face to face assessment and monitoring of interaction with staff and other service users present)
  • Additional face to face assessment and/or request for further information if needed
  • Completion of assessment report including decision, risk assessment and management plan and initial recovery and support plan

Enquiry Form

There may be many reasons why you are looking at care options. You may be looking for yourself or on behalf of a friend or relative, because a little support is needed with those tasks, which are becoming more difficult or because of restricted mobility through illness or accident. Whatever the reason, we aim to provide a quality service to all our service users.

All of our staff are trained above the minimum standards, and are ‘police (DBS) and reference checked’.

If you fund your care from your own resources or receive assistance in the form of a Direct Payment, Individual Budget (IB) or Self-Directed Support (SDS) we can help you.

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